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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Longest Weekend Ever: Rant Number 2

I'm no good at large social situations. It's not through want, but more through lack of experience managing large groups. So, throw my into the middle of an engagement party and it's sink or swim for me. I thought that my doggie paddle would hold up nicely until the inevitable happened. MF didn't show up on time.

MF is great, but not so great when it comes to the time and space continuum. He is in a permanent paradox where there is always enough time to go around. When he puts down a floor, he estimates 8 hours (which I then double and add break time) and low and behold, 17 hours later, we are done. So it was no surprise to me that he wanted us to go to our hotel to get ready at 2.15pm for a 3pm party. I asked him instead to get ready at the house. He insisted there was time. I insisted there was not, so we compromised and dropped me off at the house to get ready.

The first guests arrived at about 3.02pm, followed by everyone we invited in quick succession. Now, I've already mentioned I am inexperienced at all of this, but it was damn near impossible to chat with those who had arrived, keeping a watchful eye on the door for new arrivals, then leaving conversations with little excuses, greeting those coming in, offering drinks etc, especially when not one person knew the others. And all without a mate by my side. Where is he, where is he, I kept muttering and people could sense my stress. All in all, there were about 30 people there, none of whom knew the other, by the time he swanned in. I was exhausted and stressed, so stressed that I kept mixing up my words and flubbing introductions...I felt like the biggest party failure. And all this with little apology from him, I felt just livid. "Well, I didn't know it would take that long" was all he could say. "Yeah, but I did" I fumed under my breath.

In the end, the party was nice, but right now I don't remember any of the fun stuff, just the panic and stress of thinking that everyone was wondering who this crazy woman who couldn't speak was.



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